Artemis Vision is Launching on NFTPad!

Where Social Media, Content Creators and NFTs are combined!
IDO Launching 29th of November.

We are excited to announce that Artemis Vision will be launching on NFTPad!

An NFT marketplace where all your favorite content creators — Artists, Musicians, Media Creators, Influencers and even Fundraising Teams are present? That’ll be awesome! Introducing Artemis Vision, an online social media marketplace for musicians, creators, and artists to buy, sell, mint, and collect content NFT’s all in one web app.

Artemis Vision is developing a powerful social media platform with an AI-verified system for each creator! Every Creator profile is verified with a digital signature and no one else can create a fake profile to upload an original creation. And an additional feature is on its way too: VR360 Concert Stream!

Your Favorite Artist in Augmented Reality NFTs!

The Artemis Vision is one of the latest and most innovative projects that will be launching this year! From Staking their $ARV tokens and earning rewards to collecting your favorite artists’ NFTs, the Artemis Vision also aims to empower content creators the way they really deserve!

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Artemis Vision IDO Details on NFTPad

NFTPad Allocation: $120,000
IDO Price: 1 $ARV per 0.8 BUSD
Vesting: 10 months, 10% release starting at TGE
Token Listing Date: TBA (December)

How to participate with NFTPad

NFTPad uses a Levels System to determine the amount of Guaranteed Allocation a participant is entitled to. These Levels start from 25k NFTPad being staked in the IDO staking pool and can go up to 400k NFTPAD.
The multiplier assigned to each level calculates how much allocation is provided per a base allocation, which is set once the registration period closes shortly before the start of the raise.

There are also lower lottery levels, starting from 5k NFTPAD which give you a much higher chance of obtaining an allocation when compared to the public whitelist.

You can review and stake into the Levels by clicking here.

Getting NFTPAD

You may need to manually search for the NFTPAD contract: 0x4a72AF9609d22Bf2fF227AEC333c7d0860f3dB36

If this is the case, click on ‘Select a currency’ and paste the contract to the search bar, then select ‘NFTPAD’ once it pops up.

Staking NFTPAD to access the Pool

  1. Approve the interaction.
  2. Stake number of NFTPAD you want to stake.

Once the pool page opens for Artemis Vision, make sure to register for the IDO so you get your spot secured.

LP Staking Access

The Level you have achieved can also be seen on the Levels Page noted above once you have staked.

Registering for the IDO

Participating in the IDO

You need to complete three steps to participate:

  1. Head to
  2. Approve interaction.
  3. Send BUSD.

Public Whitelist

The link for the public whitelist will be shared here once it is live, as well as on official channels.

About NFTPad

NFTPad is empowering digital creators with next-gen tools and services to introduce digital art and NFTs to mainstream collector audience.

The NFTPAD Marketplace, featuring exclusive artist drops, offers investors the opportunity to discover and invest in works by emerging creative talent and gain opportunities for IDO allocations. Collect. Show Off. Invest.

NFTPad is launching on Binance Smart Chain; with a clear goal to be a curated ‘OpenSea’ on BSC.

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